Injectable Microparticle Assembly

A breakthrough design for injectable microparticles was developed, published, and patented at MIT. Under a 2-year grant, the technology was to be transferred to the industrial lab of a small development company (PFH), where it was to be proven technically feasible ahead of additional investments toward commercialization. A major part of the effort was development of a novel approach to commercial manufacturing at full-scale (100MM vaccines per annum).

I was hired to generate the manufacturing plan. This included concept landscaping, process research and support of lab activities, concept down-selection, sub-contracted studies and process experiments, product cost modeling, and technical reporting.

Inadequacies of existing process:

Oversized particle geometry

Not injectable at scale

Complex administration requirement

Slow molding and sealing steps

Micron-scale positioning

Expensive manual processing

Material waste

Product & Process Development

Feasibility, increased production, quality improvements, cost, user experience